elementtree w/utf8

Stefan Behnel stefan.behnel-n05pAM at web.de
Sun Oct 28 11:05:26 CET 2007

Tim Arnold wrote:
> On a related note, I have another question--where/how can I get the 
> cElementTree.py module? Sorry for something so basic, but I tried installing 
> cElementTree, but while I could compile with setup.py build, I didn't end up 
> with a cElementTree.py file anywhere.

That's because it compiles into a binary extension module, not a plain Python
module (mind the 'c' in its name, which stands for the C language here).

I don't know what the standard library extension is under HP-UX, but look a
little closer at the files that weren't there before, you'll find it.
Depending on what you did to build it, it might also end up in the "build"
directory or as an installable package in the "dist" directory.

> The directory structure on my system 
> (HPux, but no root access) doesn't work well with setup.py install.

That shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep the binary in your PYTHONPATH.

As suggested before, if you have Python 2.5, you don't even need to install it


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