gui toolkits: the real story? (Tkinter, PyGTK, etc.)

bramble cadet.bramble at
Tue Oct 2 04:54:10 CEST 2007

On Oct 1, 9:14 pm, Paul Rubin <http://phr...@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote:
> bramble <cadet.bram... at> writes:
> > Maybe a better question is, how has Tk managed to keep beating up the
> > newer, more modern, more featureful, better documented toolkits
> > encroaching on his territory? What's Tk's secret weapon?
> First-mover advantage.

I don't know... As I meant to imply above, it's looking like Tkinter
will be playing its expected role in Py3k as the GUI toolkit of
choice. And from what I've seen of the Py3k effort, there's been
really excellent work on pulling out stuff that should be pulled out.
So, if it was *really* simply only first-mover advantage keeping it
there, I'd expect to see talk of removing it from the standard

BTW, pulling Tkinter and related GUI stuff out of Py3k's standard
library wouldn't harm existing Tkinter users -- it would merely
require them to actually install it if they want it.

Maybe the key I'm missing is this: maybe GvR and company think that a
language absolutely should come off-the-shelf with GUI toolkit
bindings. So, given that, they feel they've gotta pick just one, and
they've already got Tkinter and it works, so that's that. Is that it?

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