How to create a file on users XP desktop

Josh Bloom joshbloom at
Sun Oct 7 06:22:47 CEST 2007

I believe you can use something like '%USERPROFILE%\DESKTOP' as the path on
a windows machine to get to the current users desktop directory. I'm not
sure if the python open() command will expand that correctly, but give it a


On 10/6/07, goldtech <goldtech at> wrote:
> Can anyone link me or explain the following:
> I open a file in a python script. I want the new file's location to be
> on the user's desktop in a Windows XP environment.  fileHandle = open
> (....., 'w' )  what I guess I'm looking for is an environmental
> variable that will usually be correct on most XP desktops and will
> work in the open statement. Or is there another way?
> Thanks
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