SQLite3; weird error

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at free.quelquepart.fr
Mon Oct 29 21:12:02 CET 2007

TYR a écrit :
> Has anyone else experienced a weird SQLite3 problem?
> Going by the documentation at docs.python.org, the syntax is as
> follows:
> foo = sqlite3.connect(dbname) creates a connection object representing
> the state of dbname and assigns it to variable foo. If dbname doesn't
> exist, a file of that name is created.
> To do anything with it, you then need to create a cursor object by
> calling foo's method cursor (bar = foo.cursor).

You actually want :

bar = foo.cursor()

In Python, the parens are not optional when it comes to calling 
functions - in fact, parens *are* the call operator. Without them, you 
don't call the function (or method), but retrieve a reference to it.

> You can now pass an SQL query or command to the DB by calling the
> cursor object's method execute() with the SQL query as a quoted
> statement.
> (bar.execute("SELECT FROM squid WHERE squamous=True")
> And then do other stuff.
> Fine. When I call the cursor object, though, I get an AttributeError;
> ('builtinfunction_or_method object has no attribute 'execute')

Indeed. cf above.

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