remove header line when reading/writing files

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Oct 12 01:20:02 CEST 2007

> each file into one master data file.  The code below seems to be doing
> this perfectly.  The problem is each of the data files has a header
> row in the first line, which I do not want in the master file.  How
> can I skip that first line when writing to the master file?  Any help
> is much appreciated.  Thank you.
> 		for zipfile in filelist:
> 			filein = gzip.GzipFile(zipfile,'r')
> 			filecontent =
> 			filein.close()
> 			outfile.write(filecontent)

for zipfile in filelist:
	for i, line in gzip.Gzipfile(zipfile,'r'):
		if i: outfile.write(line)

should do the trick for you.

If you like a little more readable code, you can change that line to

  if i <> 0: outfile.write(line)


  if i == 0: continue

whichever you like.


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