Mysqldb printing sql and params no matter what I do

Sells, Fred fred.sells at
Tue Oct 2 19:16:54 CEST 2007

I had some code originally that printed the sql and params when I called
the .execute method.  I removed it but it still prints.  I rebooted and
renamed files and still it prints.  I am totally stumped; I tried google
but perhaps didn't use the right search; got a lot of hits but no clues.

I'm using MySQLdb 1.2.2 and python 2.4.4 on XP

here is a snipppet that shows problem.
import MySQLdb
from datetime import *

sql = '''SELECT aid  from assessments WHERE xmitdate  between %s AND %s
LIMIT 9'''

class _record:
    def __init__(self, adict):self.__dict__=adict

class CaptainQuery:
    def __init__(self, host, schema):
        self.Connection = MySQLdb.connect (host=host, db=schema)
        self.dictcursor =
        print '----------before execute----------------'
        self.dictcursor.execute(sql, (20070201, 20070630) )
        print '------------after execute-----------'
        records = self.dictcursor.fetchall()
        for r in records: print r


----------------- the output is below---------------------------------

----------before execute----------------
SELECT aid  from assessments WHERE xmitdate  between %s AND %s LIMIT 9
(20070201, 20070630)
------------after execute-----------
{'aid': 16711L}
{'aid': 16712L}
{'aid': 16713L}
{'aid': 16715L}
{'aid': 16845L}
{'aid': 16849L}
{'aid': 16850L}
{'aid': 16851L}
{'aid': 16852L}

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