Eclipse Plugins

Martin Marcher martin at
Fri Oct 26 14:42:49 CEST 2007

2007/10/26, Robert Rawlins - Think Blue <robert.rawlins at>:
> I'm not sure what you IDE you all generally use for your python development.
> I've been somewhat lazy and always used a plain text editor, however this
> technique is starting to take its toll, and it's purely been out of laziness
> not finding myself a decent IDE to develop in. So this morning task is to
> pull my thumb out of my arse and set something up properly.

With Eclipse 3.3 IIRC there is a "Dynamic Language IDE" Package
available. Out of the box, as far as a I know it only supports ruby. I
didn't look to much into it (out of the same reasons you named). Maybe
that could do something with a few tweaks or additional plugins.

> For my other languages, such as HTML, ColdFusion, JAVA etc I make good use
> of the Eclipse SDK, and I'm looking for some advice on the best and most
> popular python plug-ins available, what would you suggest? I downloaded one
> called PyDev which looked ok but nothing too exciting.

I just switched to using emacs. Still struggling with it but it has
some nice features

C-c C-h - to find the help of something
C-c C-c - to run the "buffer" (file) I'm currently editing

a few commands which are customizeable enough to run highlighted text
(where IIRC one can define stuff to pre setup an environment if for
example you need to run a method of a class)

and some other nifty stuff. Be aware the learning curve is quite high

(for the vim guys. I've been using vim before but for my use case
emacs provides just more stuff that "just works". vim may also be your
choice with a few tweaks it does a lot, and it does it fast)


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