shouldn't 'string'.find('ugh') return 0, not -1 ?

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I believe most programming languages evaluate 0 to mean False, and
anything else to be True (for the purposes of boolean evaluation).
Python is no exception.


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	There is a subtle point though.
	If the substring is not found '_'.find(' '), will return -1
	Semanticly, I was expecting the that if the substring was not
found, the conditional statement would not be found.
	However, python evaluates -1 to True, so that is what I do find
	So, I was arguing that '_'.find(' ') might return 0, however
that is obviously ambigious, since 0 might be an index as well.
	So, perhaps I should rephrase and ask, why if -1 evaluates to
	I think that's pretty ugly...

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