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Kevin Walzer kw at
Tue Oct 16 19:59:34 CEST 2007

dbr517 at wrote:
> I'm using Python + Tkinter for a small gui . . . there are LOTS of
> places inside Tkinter with code like this:
>'tkwait', 'variable', name)
> (this particular one is from the IntVar class).
> I've searched the Tkinter docs with no success; can someone point me
> at the documentation for

I'm not sure where the documentation is, but is a raw Tcl 
command being invoked from Python without being wrapped by Python 
classes/methods. For instance:'package', 'require', 'tile')

is equivalent to this call in a Tcl script:

package require tile

Generally I use if I have to get "close to the metal" in dealing 
with Tk. Tkinter does a good job of abstracting this, but, as you no 
doubt know, itself is full of '' code, i.e.:

     def wait_visibility(self, window=None):
         """Wait until the visibility of a WIDGET changes
         (e.g. it appears).

         If no parameter is given self is used."""
         if window is None:
             window = self'tkwait', 'visibility', window._w)
     def setvar(self, name='PY_VAR', value='1'):
         """Set Tcl variable NAME to VALUE.""", value)
     def getvar(self, name='PY_VAR'):
         """Return value of Tcl variable NAME."""

and so on. There's simply no other way to get at the guts of Tk without 
using at some level.

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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