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Johannes Findeisen mailman at
Fri Oct 19 17:17:40 CEST 2007

Hello Heiko,

On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 11:32 +0200, Heiko Schlierkamp wrote:
> I need to update the virus program every day with the new dat file from
> mcafee
> I would like to us a Bat file to go to the web page and download the dat
> file automatically to a specific Directory, that I have created, but my
> problem lays in that the bat file will open the file to be downloaded but
> the bat file does not confirm the save button so that it start to download
> the file, that I still need to do manual. Please advice me with what still
> need to be done!!
> Your help will be very appreciated!!!
> I have added the file so you can see what it does exactly!!

It is generally not a good idea to attach files like .zip or .rar!
Windows users do not like to get such things via mail cause of the risk
to infect their systems with a virus.

You could paste your script directly in the mail body so everybody could
read it without to extract files from an archive. Since i am using Linux
it was no problem for me to open the file because for me it is nearly no

The file in the rar archive is a Windows batch file. This is the wrong
mailinglist for that! This is the mailinglist of the Python programming
language and you will not reach the right persons for answering your
question here... :( I don't know where to go with your problem but a
Windows batch programming list would be a better place to ask...

One hint: I don't know how downloading files from a batch script work in
Windows environments. A nice tool for downloading files in UNIX
environments is called "wget". I think there is a Windows port


Ah, here it is:

Since this is the Python mailinglist you maybe should write your batch
script in Python. Then this list could help you going on... ;)

Kind regards,

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