Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

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Sun Oct 7 14:00:56 CEST 2007

Lawrence Oluyede wrote:
> Jorge Godoy <jgodoy at> wrote:
>> What is good, since a lot of good things from Pylons will work with TG and a
>> lot of good TG things will remain (and possibly be compatible with Pylons).
>> If you take a better look at "the next version", you'll also see that the
>> major concern was with WSGI support and reinventing / "rewriting" the wheel
>> (what TG developers don't want to do all the time).
> Not reinventing the wheel just don't feel as a universal dogma to me. I
> developed quite a bit with Django and I was glad they started from
> scratch. On the paper reusing different and existing projects is great
> but not always is good or done the right way. Anyway I don't know TG at
> all so I'm speaking in a figurative way.
> We (Michele, myself and our colleagues) have a series of stuff we need
> to stick to so the choosing of a web framework ain't that easy. Most of
> the frameworks are a vision of the author of how to do things from
> scratch but a framework (by definition an evolution of a library) is not
> always meant to be used when the scratch is far from your starting
> point. 
> I'd like to read some commenting of Michele's thoughts, they would be
> really useful.
> :-)
Porting existing web applications to new architectures requires more 
than just transliteration, since you lose some metaphors available only 
in the donor system and may therefore need to take advantage of new 
idioms in the new environment to compensate.

I spent some time trying to re-architect the code from "Python Web 
Programming" in TurboGears. That was difficult not because TG is a bad 
system but because there was an impedance mismatch between the original 
code's framework and the way TG does things.

I guess I would have similar problems with Django.

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