Convert on uppercase unaccentent unicode character

Wildemar Wildenburger lasses_weil at
Thu Oct 4 17:40:30 CEST 2007

Steve Holden wrote:
> Malheureusement, I see that absence of accented capitals is a modern 
> phenomenon that is regarded as an impediment to the language mostly 
> stemming from laziness of individual authors and inadequacy of low-end 
> typesetting software. I hadn't realised I was so up-to-date ;-)
> So I will have to stop propagating this misinformation.

Thats really weird, because I was taught in school that caps are not to 
be accented. In school! Big Brother is an idiot.

I'm equally ammused by the part of JBJ's link where it says that a 
missing acccent "fait hésiter sur la prononciation". Yeah, AS IF written 
French had anything to do with the way it is pronounced. Not that I 
don't like french, mind you. Everywhere outside action movies its pretty 


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