pure python data compression (zip)

Rene Maurer rmnet at mailc.net
Tue Oct 23 18:09:05 CEST 2007

Guilherme Polo writes (23.10.2007):

> 2007/10/23, Rene Maurer <rmnet at mailc.net>:
>> I wonder if there are any pure python implementations available/known
>> for the zip (or any other) data compression... As far as I know
>> python's zlib uses http://www.zlib.net/, which is written in
>> C. Unfortunately this is not solution for me, because my target "only"
>> has a python interpreter....
> I have implemented Huffman in Python, it is not very fast yet. Further
> improvements would requires writing some parts in C and use as a
> module in Python, or maybe I just didn't think enough on how to
> improve the python code.
> If you don't know how huffman works, you may read this:
> http://gpolo.ath.cx:81/implements/huffman
> I have described the improvements I have done to this "teaching
> version" here: http://gpolo.ath.cx:81/texts/opc

Thank you very much. I will have a look this and try it out.

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