using "request" variable in python web program

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> Thanks again Paul - now I can see that the "request" object is a
> string of name/value pairs that occurs after a "?" in a url e.g.
> - is that correct? Googling
> for this information is useless since the word "request" is so common
> on the www

Not exactly - this is the "query string" part of the URI.
Request and Response are the two messages defined by the HTTP protocol.  
When you type a URL or click on a link or press a button in a page, your  
browser builds the appropiate Request message and sends it to the server.  
After processing, the server emits the Response message, and the browser  
displays it or otherwise processes the response.
The request and response objects that most web frameworks expose are  
abstractions of these two HTTP messages.
The bloody details are specified in RFC 2616 HTTP/1.1  
<>, but you can find  
plenty of less technical descriptions. At least a basic understanding of  
how the HTTP protocol works is required to build a web application.

Gabriel Genellina

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