Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks

Ian Bicking ianb at
Sun Oct 14 02:52:18 CEST 2007

On Oct 6, 8:13 am, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.
42.desthuilli... at> wrote:
> Well... Last year, I had a look at Pylons, then played a bit with wsgi
> and building my own framework over it. I finally dropped that code and
> went back to Pylons, which I felt could become far better than my own
> efforts. Now since then I had way too much to do at work (using other
> technos) and didn't find the time to work on my own projects, so I still
> don't know how well Pylons will pass the "real world" test, but it seems
> to me that it's rapidly progressing and mostly in the right direction. I
> still wait for an opportunity to check this out !-)

This would be my general suggestion too.  It's fine to write your own,
and not that hard, but you'll be missing out on the momentum and help
from the community.  You'll be maintaining your own code instead of
having other people work on maintenance -- which actually isn't that
much more work, except that you'll be doing it alone and without that
collective experience at hand.

That said, going without a framework (which at least in his article is
what Michele seems to be comparing Pylons against) isn't always so
bad.  I started writing an Atompub server in Pylons, but felt like I
was spending too much time navigating around what the framework setup
and not enough time just paying attention to what Atompub really is.
So I ended up writing it (as FlatAtomPub), effectively without a
framework (though developing it at the same time as WebOb, so I leaned
on that quite a bit).  The development went quite well, and for a web
service like Atompub that's probably what I'd recommend (at least to
experienced developers -- you might find yourself left to drift
otherwise without a clear idea of where to start).

But for writing a traditional web application, I'd still use Pylons.
The choices Pylons have made are with that in mind, and it doesn't at
all exclude other forms of development in the process.  You could
actually drop a FlatAtomPub instance right into a Pylons app, for
instance.  Pylons is a small enough framework that it really is quite
reasonable to pick and choose and use a very minimal style with it.


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