interfacing Python interpreter with a VB6 frontend

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Anonymous wrote:
> Ryan Ginstrom wrote:
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>>> This requires several steps, but the one I am having most 
>>> problem finding info on is the ff:
>>> 1. using/interacting the Python interpreter from VB6
>> One way to do this might be by creating a COM server with Python, and having
>> VB feed it lines of text and then collect results of execution for display.
>> win32com has demos of COM servers.
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>> Ryan Ginstrom
> Hi Ryan, do you have a link to the resources you mentioned?. I did a 
> search for win32com - and found this : 
>  (most of the links were 
> either dead, or refrerred to using COM from within Python - i.e. the 
> OTHER way round).

You might also want to pick up a copy of Hammond and Robinson's 
"Programming Win32 in Python", which discusses various ways of 
front-ending Python programs with VB interfaces.

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