Cross-platform GUI development

Kevin Walzer kw at
Mon Oct 15 15:53:40 CEST 2007

David Tremouilles wrote:
> "crappy",  "waaay better"
> I will not feed the troll...
> Pygtk on mac just do the work for me on a more than satisfying way.

If that's the case, good for you. If your application is open-source, 
then perhaps it's not unreasonable to expect your users to adapt to the 
way you do things--and there are enough Unix-savvy Mac users who won't 
be put off by an X11-based app. (Heck, I use Gimp and Inkscape all the 
time!) However, if you want to develop your application commercially, 
*very* few Mac end users, even Unix-savvy ones, will pay for an 
X11-based tool. I know I've opted not to purchase WingIDE, for instance, 
because it's X11-based (PyGtk in fact) and because I can find plenty of 
Mac-native programming tools. The interface quirks of the free Gimp are 
tolerable because Photoshop is several hundred dollars, but I am not 
willing to pay a few hundred dollars for a commercial tool that has the 
same interface glitches.

Kevin Walzer
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