Program with wx in Linux and Windows

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Oct 5 16:40:35 CEST 2007

On 2007-10-04, marcpp <marcpp at> wrote:

> Hi I've developed a program (WXpython GUI). In Linux the GUI is correct 
> (various distributions), but in Windows all appears disordered.
> Any recomendations?

I've been using wxPython for cross platofrm stuff on Linux and
Windows for 5+ years now for at least a dozen programs. I never
had any problems like the one you describe (though "appears
disordered" isn't much of a problem description).  I write/test
on Linux, and the programs pretty much "just work" on Windows.

I would guess your code is wrong it a way that happens to be
tolerated better under Linux than Windows for some reason.  If
you can come up with a minimal example program that
demonstrates the problem, the people on the wxPython mailing
list will almost certainly be able to tell you what you've done

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