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>Well, I didn't start the discussion. So you should ask the OP about the 
>why. I jumped in when I came across the so often mentioned "hey, it's 
>all well defined" statement was brought in. I simply said that if that 
>"well-definedness" is against "common understanding" then I don't give 
>a damn about that clever definitions. Because I have to know that there 
>are such definitions - always also knowing that free is not really 

"Liberated" is a valid meaning of the word "free". The main problem is
that there aren't really any other words in the English language that
have the same meaning as the word "free" when it is wearing its
"liberated" hat. It is unfortunate that the word is overloaded with
multiple other meanings, one of which is so central in our modern
market oriented society that it tends to come to the forefront of
people's minds when the word is used. But that's just the way it is.
You work with the language you've got.

> It is such a good subject to discuss over and over and over 
>without ever reaching any conclusion or resolution because neither FSF 
>nor GNU nor the FREE as in FREE BEER defenders will change their mind. 

I am quite sure they would be overjoyed if someone were to come up
with a decent replacement for the word "free" so as to disambiguate
the term. A number of people have tried pretty hard, however, and
failed. If you fancy yourself an accomplished wordsmith, any
suggestions are sure to be welcome.

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