Python module for making Quicktime or mpeg movies from images

has has.temp3 at
Sat Oct 13 11:30:14 CEST 2007

On 12 Oct, 20:53, jeremito <jerem... at> wrote:

> I actually found NodeBox in my googling.  This seems to be a stand
> alone application.  I need to be able to convert my images to a movie
> from my code I wrote myself.

Some Mac-specific options:

- QuickTime Player is standard on OS X and its scripting interface
(which you can access from Python via appscript, and is fully usable
even in unpaid mode) includes an 'open image sequence' command. This
would be the simplest solution as long as you don't mind launching
another application to do the work.

- The Cocoa API's QTKit class (accessible via PyObjC) includes a -
addImage:forDuration:withAttributes: method that you could use to
build up a movie yourself.

- The Mac version of Python includes wrappers for a number of Carbon
APIs, including QuickTime. One for brave souls only; QT's C APIs are
notoriously complex, and I've no idea of the quality/reliability of
the Carbon.Qt wrapper (most of Python's Carbon wrappers haven't been
fully maintained since OS9 days).



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