kalin mintchev kalin at
Mon Oct 8 19:54:06 CEST 2007

hi all..

i'm a bit confused by the bounces behavior of mailman. the idea is that
each address from which a bounce comes back should be immediately removed
from the list. right now they are not. or testing i'm purposely putting
addresses that do not exist. in the mail log i get:

stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with

is that considered 'soft' or 'hard' bounce severity. is it considered
bounce at all?

here are the relevant settings:

Should Mailman perform automatic bounce processing?  => Yes

The maximum member bounce score before the member's subscription is
disabled. This value can be a floating point number. => 0.0  (tested 1.0
and 0.1 also)

The number of days after which a member's bounce information is discarded,
if no new bounces have been received in the interim. This value must be an
integer. => 7

How many Your Membership Is Disabled warnings a disabled member should get
before their address is removed from the mailing list. Set to 0 to
immediately remove an address from the list once their bounce score
exceeds the threshold. This value must be an integer.  => 0


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