On 911 the FASCIST YANK AND ANGLO MOther Fuckers did a Heinous crime of killing 3000 people in a drama themselves

scripteaze at gmail.com scripteaze at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 07:30:57 CEST 2007

On Oct 22, 9:51 pm, therm... at india.com wrote:
> The time of fall
> The fake anthrax letters
> The absence of pentagon video, the most highly defended building
> The thermate residue
> The molten metal pools
> The pyroclastic flow of dust
> The shattering of the whole building into dust and small pieces
> The spherical particles of molten iron with sulfur, potassium and
> permanganate elements
> The finger of suspicion, nay certainty points to only the yank and the
> anglo-saxon bastards
> And all that to steal the oil.
> Bin Laden and Adam Gadahn productions are make in the Langley HQ of
> CIA.
> Al-Qaida does not exist.
> The goal is to prevent democratic order in the oil rich arab countries.

why dont you shove your spam trash up your ass, drink a tall glass of
shut the fuck up and when your done, you can go in the backyard and
play hide and go fuck yourself.

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