PyOpenGL without SetupTools

seb.haase at seb.haase at
Mon Oct 1 10:04:53 CEST 2007

I am distributing a package with a precompiled collection of modules
and packages useful for Python based medical/biological/astronomical
image analysis and algorithm development. (Codename: Priithon).
For Priithon I put all modules/packages in a simple / single directory
(tree) including one starting batch/script file. This script sets up
PYTHONPATH to find modules at this place.
It works fine for Windows,Linux and Mac-OSX.

Now I want to upgrade everything to Python 2.5  and thought it might
be time get PyOpengl version 3 (aka. pyOpengl-ctypes).

The problem at hand is now that PyOpenGL  uses "all this setup-tools
machinery" just to initialize the formathandlers for the different
ways to deal with arrays. (I really need only numpy support !)
This is done via the pkg_resources mechanism called "entry_points".

Can I include a simple non-system-install of pkg_resources that makes
at least the entry_point stuff work ?  Where do I put pyOpenGL's
"entry_points.txt"  file ?

Sebastian Haase
MDC Berlin

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