How python writes text into another windows application

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Tue Oct 30 02:06:42 CET 2007

En Mon, 29 Oct 2007 18:53:47 -0300, Meitham <meithamj at> escribió:

> I am trying to write a simple program that reads data from a source file
> (Excel sheet, XML file or text file) and then write the data into
> another application by pasting the data into the applications fields,
> and jumps from one field to another by writing \t tab.
> My question is, how do I write the data into another application fields.
> My target application is the TNT consignment manager. I asked TNT for
> their API to make my life easier but they refused to release it :(. I
> have a software that uses the same way I am looking after to fill in
> application fields, it is the QuickAddress. Any idea how to achieve that?

I've had very good results using pywinauto:

Gabriel Genellina

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