Import PY file not included in py2exe executable

ward.david at ward.david at
Thu Oct 4 19:15:59 CEST 2007

I am using py2exe to generate an executable so that I can deliver my
scripts as a EXE. I have a couple of file that are needed by the
program that I do not want to include in the EXE because they are used
for program configuration (similar to the way an INI file is used.)
These file may change per installation, so I may need to edit them.
Having them wrapped up in the EXE just won't work for my needs.

I've used the 'exclude' option to keep them from being included in the
EXE. I'm also using 'zipfile=None' so that all of the other pys are
included in the EXE. So, when I deliver the EXE all I should have in
my installation directory is:

<misc Python pyds>

Is this possible? What is the configuration for this?

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