Cross-platform GUI development

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Fri Oct 12 17:44:51 CEST 2007

On 2007-10-12, Alexandre Badez <alexandre.badez at> wrote:

> Personnaly, I use PyQt simply because I prefere Qt to Gtk,
> witch is much more integrated with all desktop than Gtk.

So you're claiming Qt is much more integrated with Gnome than
Gtk? The mind wobbles.  The Gnome and XFCE desktops are _built_
using Gtk.  A machine running a Gnome or XFCE desktop doesn't
even need to have Qt installed.  The same can be said for
various other deskops (openstep, equinox, etc. -- most of them
other than KDE, actually).

> In fact, your application in Qt on Mac, Win or Linux look like
> a native app.

Qt sure doesn't look native on my Linux machines, and it's not
going to look native on any GTK-based desktops such an Gnome or
XFCE.  Qt will only look native on Linux machines running a Qt
based desktop such as KDE.

> Just a question of "feeling" I think; because most of those
> GUI framework, offer quiet the same functionality.

I use wxPython, because it uses Gtk on Linux, and Gtk is
"native" for both me and for my Windows users.

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