The fundamental concept of continuations

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Tue Oct 9 19:00:25 CEST 2007

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| Again I am depressed to encounter a fundamentally new concept that I
| was all along unheard of. Its not even in paul graham's book where i
| learnt part of Lisp. Its in Marc Feeley's video.
| Can anyone explain:
| (1) its origin
| (2) its syntax and semantics in emacs lisp, common lisp, scheme
| (3) Is it present in python and java ?
| (4) Its implementation in assembly. for example in the manner that
| pointer fundamentally arises from indirect addressing and nothing new.
| So how do you juggle PC to do it.
| (5) how does it compare to and superior to a function or subroutine
| call. how does it differ.
| Thanks a lot.
| (6) any good readable references that explain it lucidly ?

I am starting with the Wikipedia article 'Continuation' which has 
references both to other W. articles and several other books and papers. 

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