Python 3K or Python 2.9?

TheFlyingDutchman zzbbaadd at
Mon Sep 17 09:12:57 CEST 2007

> <Ironic>
> Hi, I'm new to Python, I don't even fully know the language, never done
> a full project in Python. What's more, probably I'll never will.
> But that's not the point, the point is I want YOU people to modify the
> language you know in and out, the program with which you've done many
> systems, I want you to change it to suit my whims, so that I'll be
> comfortable with the 3 ten liners I'll write.
> </Ironic>

Hi, I've used Python and have fallen in love with it. I know exactly
how Guido pronounces his name and since I saw him use the obtuse
phrase syntactic sugar I try and work it into every discussion I have
on Python syntax. I hate it when anyone offers criticism of Guido's
language. I have a picture of Bruce Eckel with a red universal not
sign over it on my wall and I throw my mechanical pencils at it every
night. I am especially upset when someone talks bad about kluges like
@staticmethod or FunctionName = staticmethod(FunctionName). Sure "def
static" or "static def" would be so much cleaner, simpler and clearer
but let's face it my fellow Pythonistas, this language may have
started out based on what was easy for people to learn and use but
we're in Nerdville now and clean and clear have become roadblocks! I
have so much more respect for Perl and the way it developed now!

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