Freetype bindings, finally?

Jason Yamada-Hanff jyamada1 at
Wed Sep 19 20:04:03 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm working on a project that would benefit very much from Python
Freetype2 bindings (the Fonty Python project).  I don't want to
duplicate efforts and wrap the library again if we don't have to.
Interestingly, it seems like there have been lots of attempts at doing

Generally, there are:
ft2 -
   No longer maintained, incomplete, beta, from around the 2.0 days.
Py-freetype -
    More recent, on Pyrex, last update was in 2003, no longer
maintained, doesn't compile for me

Then, it seems like multiple projects (matplotlib and PIL) have done
their own integration with FT, but maintain that code themselves, for
themselves.  These, of course, are up-to-date and maintained.  Are
there other projects that have also done their own work on FT

Ultimately, this means that there is no FreeType2 bindings package
that is up-to-date and generally available, but that the work has been
done multiple times over by individual projects.  I understand that
this is totally the prerogative of each project.  The community,
though, could benefit from having a central package of bindings.  Are
those who have already worked on bindings willing to extract their
work into a separate package?  It would be great to finally have a set
of standard bindings!

Thoughts are welcome.  I am new to the C extension world, so I am
probably missing a whole other level of complexity here.


p.s. There is a sad message on Freetype's website about this
("Unfortunately, no mature Python bindings for FreeType 2 are
available currently..."), right above its notes about all the other
languages that do have bindings (including Ruby!). :-)

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