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Sun Sep 16 19:23:40 CEST 2007

Paddy wrote:
> On Sep 13, 1:30 am, Amer Neely <perl4h... at> wrote:
>> I'm a complete newbie with Python, but have several years experience
>> with Perl in a web environment.
>> A question I have, if someone here is familiar with Perl, does Python
>> have something like Perl's 'here document'? I've just searched and read
>> some postings on generating HTML but they all seem to refer to various
>> template utilities. Is this the only way, or am I missing something? I'm
>> used to generating X/HTML by hand, which makes the here document in Perl
>> ideal for me. Also, many times a client already existing HTML code that
>> I can use in a script.

> Hi Amer,
> Just as an aside, you might find this helpful:
> It has perl code with python equivalents/notes.

Hello Paddy,
Thanks for that link - it does look quite useful.

Amer Neely
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