Question about PEP 8

Matimus mccredie at
Mon Sep 10 20:19:30 CEST 2007

> will Py3K change the standard library names in order to follow PEP 8?)

Just continue down the list of PEPs and you will find the answer:

This covers built-in modules. It doesn't cover 3rd party modules, like
wx. Most likely you will still see pep8 violations in non-standard

As for following or not following pep8 in conjunction with 3rd party
modules. Just make your code look nice. Don't go out of your way to
follow pep8 if it means that there will be a mix of styles that will
be confusing. If you are overloading a class that is part of wx I
would use the same style that wx uses. The reasoning being that people
who might use that class would probably see it as just another wx
class, and expect it to look and behave a certain way. Don't
dissapoint them.


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