Let's Unite Against Jews and Mongrels!

devondejohn at comcast.net devondejohn at comcast.net
Mon Sep 3 21:57:56 CEST 2007

On Sep 2, 9:18 am, "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilber... at comcast.net>
> Zentrader wrote:
> > On Aug 28, 4:50 am, "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilber... at comcast.net>
> > wrote:
> >>>Unless, of course, someone has a working "Killbot".  If anyone has such
> >>a thing, please kill that "MI5victim" moron as well!
> > I reported MI5victim to s... at uce.gov and it appears to be gone, as
> > well as the "free air conditioner"'s posts.  (Thanks Steve Holden for
> > the reminder that it doesn't have to be personal e-mail spam in order
> > to be reported). If the OP posts again, report it.  Something like 75%
> > of internet mail is spam.
> MI5victim was alive and (I won't say well!!) a week ago.  It remains to
> be seen if he's gone.  And if you believe that reporting spam to
> s... at uce.gov actually has any effect on spam, you must believe in the
> Tooth Fairy as well!
> There will be spam as long as there are morons who will send the
> spammers money for whatever they're peddling!  I still get two or three
> "Spanish Prisoner" a/k/a "401" scams each week (this is the one where
> somebody has $30,000,000 US and will share it with you if only you will
> send him a little of your money)!  The US government does seem to have
> cracked down on the "Pharmacy" spam and the internet "pharmacies" that
> were behind it.
> Remember, it costs essentially nothing to send spam to 30,000,000 people
>   and if the spammer gets 0.5% response, he's ahead of the game!


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