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Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at
Sun Sep 9 17:33:26 CEST 2007

Tom Brown a écrit :
> On Monday 10 September 2007 19:52, darien.watkins at wrote:
>>Kindof a poll, kindof curiosity...
>>What is your favorite python - database combination?  I'm looking to
>>make an app that has a local DB and a server side DB.  I'm looking at
>>python and sqlite local side and sql server side.
>>Any suggestions????
> I have had a lot of good luck with PostgreSQL. It is easy to install and use. 

Well... For an experimented (or opiniated) Unix user, at least !-)

But I can only second : PgSql is probably one of the best free RDBMS 
around - one of my previous associates (and still friend !-), who has 
quite a few years of experience as an Oracle DBA, consider it (pg) as 
mostly as good as Oracle, and eventually better on some points. My own 
experience with Pg for web applications is that it JustWorks(tm) - never 
had a single problem with it. I wish I could say so about MySQL.

wrt/ sqlite, I've only used it for small web apps, and the only problem 
I had was a strange incompatibility bug with first PHP5 versions 
installed on the same machine. Since I doubt your users will have PHP5 
installed on the client machines (!), this should not be a problem.

And, while it may takes some time to learn, SQLAlchemy is a very great lib.

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