Python 3.0 migration plans?

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Sep 28 22:09:26 CEST 2007

TheFlyingDutchman wrote:
> On Sep 28, 12:45 pm, George Sakkis <george.sak... at> wrote:
>> On Sep 28, 3:29 pm, TheFlyingDutchman <zzbba... at> wrote:
>>> One issue I have with this group and that I encountered many years ago
>>> in the Perl group is that there is no separate group
>>> comp.lang.python.beginner where you can ask questions without getting
>>> hit with RTFM! and the like.
>> Which shows once again that you're trying to break the world record of
>> being wrong in as many sentences as possible:
>> You would do yourself (and others) a favor by migrating there for a
>> few weeks or months.
>> George
> Being in a land where every nit can be picked, I am surprised that you
> offered up a mailing list when I was asking for a newsgroup.
That's because the tutor list doesn't offer a newsgroup. He was probably 
just trying to get rid of you.

Now at 98.75% ...

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