function to do dynamic import?

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Tue Sep 11 08:12:32 CEST 2007

On Sep 10, 10:52 pm, "bambam" <da... at asdf.asdf> wrote:
> import works in the main section of the module, but does
> not work as I hoped when run inside a function.
> That is, the modules import correctly, but are not visible to
> the enclosing (global) scope.
> Questions:
> (1) Where can I read an explanation of this?
> (2) Is there a work around?
> BTW, sys.modules("filename") shows that the module is
> loaded, I just don't know how to use it when loaded that
> way.  Also, if I import again at the global scope, the module
> name becomes available.
> Steve.


This was recently discussed:

Hope this helps,

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