regex with specific list of string

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james_027 wrote:
> Hi all,
>> This is fine IMO since the OP didn't specify the opposite.
> Thanks for all your replies, though I don't understand quite well the
> going argument? What do you mean when you say "the OP didn't specify
> the opposite"?
> There reason for using regex is because I am going to use it in
> Django's URL pattern
Carsten was pointing out that the pattern I gave you would match any 
string that *began* with one of the month names, as I didn't include an 
element to force a match of the end of the string.

I did this because I assumed you were most interested in finding out how 
to match one of a number of alternate strings, and this would likely 
only be a part of your final pattern.

If you already have what you need you really don't need to pay much 
attention to the rest: it's just geeks picking nits!

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