HowTo Use Cython on a Windows XP Box?

John Machin sjmachin at
Sat Sep 1 07:13:30 CEST 2007

On Sep 1, 1:40 pm, Paul McGuire <pt... at> wrote:
> On Aug 31, 9:06 pm, David Lees <debl2NoS... at> wrote:
> > August 31, 2007
> > I just downloaded the current Cython release and have no problem running
> > the translator on the demo code.  But when I try compiling, I
> > get an error complaining that my version of Python (which is the current
> > 2.5.1 downloaded from was compiled with Visual C++ 2003.  I
> > only have Visual C++ 2005 on my machine and am unable to find a download
> > of 2003 on the Microsoft site (no big surprise).  I have never built
> > Python from source.  Is it necessary or can someone suggest an alternative?
> > TIA
> > david lees
> Unless you are customizing Python (and you can accomplish a *lot*
> without doing so), it is not necessary to build Python from source.
> Download one of the pre-built Windows binaries and install it, or get
> the Win Python distribution from ActiveState and install that.  Then
> start writing your own Python demo scripts.

Paul, AFAICT the OP is referring not to CPython, but to Cython, which
is a Pyrex fork. See

Building CPython from source is likely to be a red herring. The OP's
question appears to be "How do I, on Windows, compile C code generated
by Cython into a pyd that will play happily with the standard-issue
python.exe and python25.dll?", and is probably best directed to one of
the 3 forums mentioned on the above-referenced page.


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