Bug with lists of pairs of lists and append()

Gabriel Zachmann zachREMOVE at MEin.tu-clausthal.de
Fri Sep 28 21:00:45 CEST 2007


could some kind soul please explain to me why the following trivial code 
is misbehaving?

s = []
l = [ 0 ]
r = [0, 0]
while r:
	x = (l,r)
	print x
	s.append( x )
	l.append( r.pop(0) )
print s

The output I get is:

([0], [0, 0])
([0, 0], [0])
[([0, 0, 0], []), ([0, 0, 0], [])]

and the error is in the last line: the two pairs in the outer list are 
identical and they should be equal to the pairs one the first and the 
2nd line, respectively! Shouldn't they?

I think I'm going nuts -- for the life of me I don't see what's going on ...

Thanks a lot in advance for any insights, etc.

Best regards,

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