ValueError: too many values to unpack,>>>

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Fri Sep 28 12:26:33 CEST 2007

J. Clifford Dyer a écrit :
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 09:50:26PM +0200, Bruno Desthuilliers wrote
> regarding Re: ValueError: too many values to unpack,>>>:
>> Shawn Minisall a ?crit :
>>> I did and it printed everything up until the 3rd line with 3
>>> numbers for deposits.  I have since figured it out...the teacher
>>> put in an extra tab after the last value so python thought it was
>>> 4 values for three.  I went back into the file and deleted the
>>> extra tab after the 3rd number and saved it's working
>>> fine. I'm going to kill her...

>> You'd better learn how to deal with "this-cant-happen-here"
>> situation, because it's how it is in real-life.
> And preferably learn how to deal with it in your code, not in the
> data that's given to you.

Thanks for clarifying this point, which is of course what I meant.

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