threading.local _threading_local problems

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Sat Sep 22 07:31:01 CEST 2007

En Fri, 21 Sep 2007 14:36:34 -0300, Jd <jd at> escribi�:

> Hi
>   I have the following situation.. Have a worker thread, that does the
> "work" given to it. While doing work, some of the objects use thread
> local storage for storing that requires explicit close. e.g. connection
> handles. These objects are long living. The worker, does not have any
> direct access to the objects.
>   I would like to clean up thread local area explicitly so that I do not
> run out of connection handles. Any ideas on how to access local storage
> from the thread ? (threading.local() gives new object everytime.. I am
> looking for something like singleton / global access from within the  
> thread)

Create a local() object *once*; it may be a global variable. Then assign  
to its attributes from any thread. Each thread will see a different set of  

>   Or is there anyway to notify the object when the thread for which it
> set the local storage is going away ?

Do that at the end of the thread's run method.

Gabriel Genellina

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