why should I learn python

James Stroud jstroud at mbi.ucla.edu
Fri Sep 7 04:32:37 CEST 2007

Torsten Bronger wrote:
> Hallöchen!
> Tom Brown writes:
>> [...] Python has been by far the easiest to develop in.  Some
>> people might say it is not "real programming" because it is so
>> easy.
> I can't believe this.  Have you really heard such a statement?
> Tschö,
> Torsten.

Look, a "real" programming language is scheme, not something trivial to 
understand like (the basics of) python. Scheme is hard to understand and 
takes a long time to get used to, so its perfect as a learning tool--to 
make the professors look smarter. This is why its what they teach as an 
introductory course at MIT. This is also why physicists like RPN 

(see (later you))


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