sorteddict [was a PEP proposal, but isn't anymore!]

Mark Summerfield m.n.summerfield at
Thu Sep 27 10:26:16 CEST 2007

On 26 Sep, 18:59, Raymond Hettinger <pyt... at> wrote:
> [Mark Summerfield]
> > Below is a PEP proposal for a sorteddict. It arises out of a
> > discussion on this list that began a few weeks ago with the subject of
> > "An ordered dictionary for the Python library?"
> It is worth remembering that the long sought after datatype was a dict
> that could loop over keys in *insertion* order, not based on some
> function of the key itself.
> > If there is positive feedback I will submit the PEP to the reviewers,
> > so if you think it is a good idea please say so.
> As one who was submitted many PEPs, I can advise that the quickest way
> to irrevocably kill an idea is to submit a PEP to early (we almost
> didn't get genexps because the PEP was submitted pre-maturely).
> Instead, I advise posting an ASPN recipe so the details can be
> hammered-out and a fan club can be grown.
> For this particular idea, I am -1 on inclusion in the standard
> library.  The PEP focuses mainly on implementation but is weakest in
> the rationale section.  Its advantages over "for k in sorted(d)" are
> miniscule.  To be considered for the collections module, there needs
> to be compelling use case advantages either in terms of usability or
> performance.

I gave up on the idea of submitting it as a PEP many postings ago:-)
I've now changed the subject line to reflect that.

I will leave the pure python sorteddict on PyPI for anyone who wants

I won't put it on the cookbook site for the time being, simply because
it is eating up much  more time than I thought!

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