status of Programming by Contract (PEP 316)?

Steve Holden steve at
Sat Sep 1 03:45:01 CEST 2007

Jorge Godoy wrote:
> Russ wrote:
>> Alex, I think you are missing the point. Yes, I'm sure that web
>> searches are critical to
>> Google's mission and commercial success. But the point is that a few
>> subtle bugs cannot
>> destroy Google. If your search engines and associated systems have
>> bugs, you fix them
>> (or simply tolerate them) and continue on. And if a user does not get
>> the results he wants,
>> he isn't likely to die over it -- or even care much.
> But if this pattern of not getting wanted results is common, then the user
> will migrate to alternative search engines and this will *kill* the
> business.  Wrong results won't impact ONE search, but many will impact the
> company business and will be part of the recipe to take it out of business. 
>> Online financial transactions are another matter altogether, of
>> course. User won't die, but
>> they will get very irate if they lose money. But I don't think that's
>> what you are talking about
>> here.
> Lets make someone loose his job and have all his money commitments
> compromised because of this money lost and we might be talking about people
> taking their lives.
> Again, this isn't 100% sure to happen, but it *can* happen.  
> As it happens with a peacemaker: the user won't die if his heart skips one
> beat, but start skipping a series of them and you're incurring in serious
> problems.
> Just because the result isn't immediate it doesn't mean it isn't critical.
We probably need to distinguish between "mission-critical", where a 
program has to work reliably for an organization to meet its goals, and 
"safety-critical" where people die or get hurt if the program misbehaves.

The latter are the ones where you need to employ all possible techniques 
to avoid all possible failure modes.

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