Making a small change to a large XML document

Gerard Flanagan grflanagan at
Tue Sep 25 08:37:09 CEST 2007

On Sep 25, 12:38 am, Dan Stromberg <dstrombergli... at> wrote:
> Say I want to take an existing XML document, and change the value="9997"
> and value="9998" to two different numbers, without changing any of the
> rest of the document - not even changing comments or indentation, if
> avoidable.
> What's the best way of doing it in python?
>   <bean id="cs" class="c.d.q.s.C">
>     <property name="p" value="9997"/>
>     <property name="mP" value="9998"/>
>     <property name="g" value="cs"/>
>     <property name="e" value="t"/>
>   </bean>
> My .xml file is full of such beans.
> I've played around with minidom a little in the past, and I'm targetting
> python 2.5.1.
> Thanks!

With ElementTree (from xml.etree import ElementTree) and the 'replace'
and 'sub' functions here:

(Some improvements to ElementTree:



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