getting the current function

Jonathan Gardner at
Tue Sep 11 01:05:38 CEST 2007

On Sep 7, 9:19 am, Gary Robinson <gary... at> wrote:
> > This all seems a bit too complicated. Are you sure you want to do
> > this? Maybe you need to step back and rethink your problem.
> In version 2.1 Python added the ability to add function attributes -- see the justifications. A counter probably isn't one of them, I just used that as a quick example of using thisfunc().
> I've just never liked the fact that you have to name the function when accessing those attributes from within the function. And I thought there might be other uses for something like thisfunc().

If I had a scenario where I needed a function that would change its
behavior based on its attributes I would use an object instead. If I
really, really needed it to behave like a function, then I would
override __call__.

Using a function's attributes to modify its behavior seems like using
a singleton or a module variable to modify the behavior of functions.
I would avoid it if I wanted to write code that someone else
(including myself) may want to use one day. Otherwise, it would be
hard to keep different bits of code separate from one another.

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