ValueError: too many values to unpack

Shawn Minisall trekker182 at
Thu Sep 27 18:46:08 CEST 2007

I am trying to read a few lines of a file with multiple values, the rest 
are single and are reading in fine.

With the multiple value lines, python says this "ValueError: too many 
values to unpack"

I've googled it and it says that happens when you have too few or too 
many strings that don't match with the variables in number your trying 
to assign them too.  Below are the lines in reading in:

line 3 - 19.18    29.15    78.75    212.10
line 4 - 100    20    410.29  
And this is the code I'm using:

   #read withdrawls from file on line3
   line = infile.readline()
     #split withdrawls up
   withdraw1, withdraw2, withdraw3, withdraw4 = string.split(line, "\t")

   #read deposits from file on line4
   line = infile.readline()
   #split deposits up
   deposit1, deposit2, deposit3 = string.split(line, "\t")

I have 4 strings to match line 3 and 3 to match the 3 on line 4...any 


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