Python 3.0 migration plans?

Erik Jones erik at
Fri Sep 28 16:37:15 CEST 2007

On Sep 27, 2007, at 8:17 PM, Steve Holden wrote:

> James Stroud wrote:
>> Steve Holden wrote:
>>> I wondered if a straw poll could get some idea of readers' thoughts
>>> about when they will be migrating to 3.0 on, so I used the new  
>>> widget on
>>> Blogger to add a poll for that.
>>> I'd appreciate if if you would go to
>>> and register your vote on your intended migration timescale.
>>> Thanks!
>> I'm going to abstain voting until 'public beta + about 1 year' is  
>> a choice.
> Richard Jones wrote:
>> I'll use the "no plans" response for my actual "no simple answer"  
>> real
>> response.
> So what we need is a poll on what the questions should be. I *love*  

Does professional vs. personal use matter here?  What if I plan to  
switch in the morning or at midnight on the first solstice after the  
second alpha release?  Is Mercury or Venus in retrograde?  These  
things matter... :)

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