Shed Skin Python-to-C++ compiler 0.0.23

Greg Copeland gtcopeland at
Sat Sep 1 15:25:59 CEST 2007

On Aug 22, 10:00 am, srepmub <mark.duf... at> wrote:
> > Adding socket support would certainly open the door for many common
> > classes applications.  If I had my pick, I say, sockets and then re.
> Thanks. Especially sockets should be not too hard to add, but I
> probably won't work on these directly myself. Let me know if you are
> interested.. :-)
> > BTW, I gatta say projects like shedskin and pypy are the most exciting
> > python projects I'm aware of.  Please keep of the good work.  I'm so
> > excited about the day I can begin using shedskin for the types of
> > projects I use python on.
> I'm practically working alone on Shedskin, so the better bet will be
> PyPy, unless I start getting more help.
> BTW I usually add a link to the homepage, but somehow I forgot this
> time:
> Thanks!
> Mark Dufour.

Mark, I wish I had the time to help with your project.  I believe
PyPy, Shedskin, and pyvm (which might be dead now), are the most
interesting python projects currently going on.  In fact, I would
place them ahead of python 3000 even.


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