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Wed Sep 26 22:40:18 CEST 2007


> I'm extending a windows application (C++) by embedding Python calls.
> It seems to be a known problem that windows applications detach
> immediately from the calling console, so that all output to stdout
> (from both C++ and Python) doesn't get shown anywhere.
 > A workaround seems to be the allocation of a windows console and
 > redirecting stdout to it:
 > AllocConsole(); freopen("conin$", "r", stdin); freopen("conout$",
 > "w", stdout); freopen("conout$", "w", stderr);
 > Still, this console only shows the output of my C++ application, not
 > the output of the embedded python calls.
 > The following code Py_Initialize(); std::cout << "start printing..."
 > << std::endl; PyRun_SimpleString("print('PRINT')\n"); std::cout <<
 > "done printing." << std::endl;
 > only prints
 > start printing... done printing.
 > Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Basically I want to get an
 > ipython console running in the background of my Windows app, so that
 > I can process its data.

for the files: I got close to what I wanted using WConio:

I basically wrote my own class that I used for overwriting stdin and
stdout and that internally used WConio. This still doesn't allow
readline functionality from windows consoles, but still it's better than

If you have any additional ideas, especially about how I can still use 
readline despite of overwriting stdin/stdout, please CC me.



Thomas Schreiner, AGBS
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
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