Zope review

Bryan Olson fakeaddress at nowhere.org
Sat Sep 22 17:34:53 CEST 2007

Sean Tierney wrote:
>>From Twisted's website "Twisted is a networking engine written in
> Python, supporting numerous protocols. It contains a web server,
> numerous chat clients, chat servers, mail servers, and more.
> Given that Zope is also a written in python, supports numerous
> protocols, contains a webserver, has several chat packages available,
> a comparison/contrast would be quite useful.

You just got a useful comparison from Istvan Albert:

> Istvan Albert wrote:
>> Twisted is a networking engine, Zope is a web application framework,
>> Plone is a content management system, there is nothing to compare,
>> these are different applications altogether, it is not like you'd
>> replace one with the other
>> For applications that can be compared see Zope vs Django vs Pylons vs
>> web.py vs CherryPy. Google these and contrast away.


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