Python "with"

Ivan Voras ivoras at _fer.hr_
Mon Sep 17 11:49:55 CEST 2007

Laurent Pointal wrote:

> The ugly part is the 'tmp' name, try to choose a name with a proper 
> meaning about what it is really, and it become clean and readable:
> filerefs = some.big.structure.or.nested.object.with.file.references
> filerefs.encoding = "utf-8"
> = "MyFileName.txt"
> filerefs.use_quotes = True
> Isn't it ?

Well, no, but this might be due to personal tastes. At least, I don't 
think it's better then some other alternatives. For example, in C99 you 
can do:

static struct option_s foo_option = {
     .name = "foo",
     .type = O_STRING,
     .def_value = "default"

At least to me, this looks even better than the Pascal's syntax.

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